You are not buying an item, you are making a donation. In return we send you the item you selected as a gift therewith thanking you for your support

You are making a donation to our foundation. Donations are not being taxed. You may have to pay ‘gift tax’ to your local government.

You can not return an item, because you are not buying an item. We are sending you the selected item as a gift.

We will do our utmost best to send you our gift in proper conditions. On any gift we can not give any guarantees.

Your donation will be applied in the foundation to fight for freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of thought, freedom of living and freedom of moving around freely in this world.

Yes you should, because for more then 7 years this foundation has been fighting for your freedom and exposing the truth. You should.

With your faith and concious mindset we will succeed!